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New Framing possibilities

Well its the fourth day back at work if you can really call it work. I've been experimenting with new ideas for presenting my canvas work without spending a fortune, today I started to create a new frame idea and I'm really pleased with it. It all came about because I have an exhibition next week and I don't want the work to cost to much to create. If it costs me say £120 for custom framing and £45 for the print I would need to sell them for £600 if the gallery was taking 50%, to keep it viable as a product creating all elements it can be done for a fraction of that and so sell at a price that the market can stand. I used a mitre saw but other than that all hand made and will retail at £250 in a handmade frame, limited edition canvas print. As i mentioned in a previous post you sometimes need to think outside the box and step back and look at a problem. As a result of this it will open all kinds future possibilities and to be honest I will enjoy creating the frames that show my work at its best.  

Still no drawing and painting yet but as soon as this job is done I'm going to be back on it.


  1. I love this frame. Would you consider publishing how you made it? All of us artists are in the same boat when trying to keep the costs down. Thanks! Your work is beautiful!

  2. Not a bad idea I will try to do that soon.

  3. Beautiful frame, i would really love to know how you came up with the design and the entire thing, i request for few directives on how to make it.


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