Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Framing and demo finished.

New Frames completed

Well completed and dropped off the framing for the exhibition in Lancaster, the venue www.arteriashop.co.uk looks great lots of natural light. It was abit of a challenge creating my own frames but I'm pleased with the results and a fraction of the cost it would have been so the sale prices aren't mad. Also the demo at Morcambe bay Art Society went well everyone enjoyed it. I'm going to relax today as I spent all weekend working and have man flue today. At the end of my first week back I got through alot of activities but no drawing and painting yet, hopefully this week I'll get on it.
Morcambe Bay Art Society just before I started
In the break

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  1. Your frames looks amazing. They are so elegant. Simple yet stylish. I would actually put my hands on one of your masterpieces. Great work and continue doing it.


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