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Derwent Drawing and Graphitint Pencils
 Liverpool filming image day two

Well as promised yesterday here is my part drawn redrawing of Reminiscing which I did on camera (link to video to follow when released), I wanted to create the same standard of work as I would in the studio. I'm pleased with the results, trying to recreate some of the magic I felt in the first attempt. It also gives you an idea of how I go about starting my coloured pencil work, I will post the progression in stages as I finish this over the next week or two.

Day one of my back to work in 2012 and I managed to scan and post this for you as well as edit and print six images ready for my exhibition in Jan. Probably the most productive start to a year yet, I did have a moment though after only an hour and a half I had to lay down for an hour. I blame the shock of going back to work.

I do struggle with motivating myself and getting the best out of my week. I find my obsessive compulsive disorder helps, it gives me a reason to make lists and write schedules on my white board ( I know I have it bad ) but it does help. Today it said 3hrs drawing and 3hrs printing I did no drawing and 6hrs printing and publishing, so as you can see the system works well. 

I tried an experiment last month with the commissions to see what I could get out of a month in actual productive painting. So I wrote down each day how many hours Id done, in November I managed 115hrs in December up to the 20th 53hrs. When you look at it like that it seems shamfull but this was from a standing start. I hadn't produced anything in over twelve months so it gives me a bench mark now to work with. If I can achieve 115hrs a month on projects that aren't my own design this is as bad as it should get, meaning at worst I should create between 12 and 20 originals this year (OCD) averaging 25 hrs a week. That's an important process to remain calm and comfortable and yet productive enough to have a steady stream of work, for me this is a start and I'm happy, I'm working again. Were all abit mad really us artists we all have our little foibles to get us through the week.


  1. Hat's off to your creativity, the painting is so beautiful.I also do so much struggle motivating myself.Glad to know that you are back to work.


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