Thursday, 29 December 2011

Stephen ormerod - Personal Statement

"It’s difficult to achieve a balance between earning a living and being a fine artist in the true sense, by that I mean creating work that has personal meaning to yourself without any thought of how it will work commercially. I have battled with this problem for many years and never achieved it; I’ve created some technically excellent work and had some recognition but never had the freedom to truly create. I have come to a point now were I would like the opportunity to produce fine artwork that has a relevance that’s not just commercial.

I had the idea to create a business that could support this activity with minimal impact on the creative process. This then developed to create an environment that would allow others like myself to learn skills, share knowledge and show work Art & Soul. The space will be self funding by offering paid facilities to other artists and the general public. It would give myself and others the freedom to persue our ideas without the worry of expensive overheads or poor environment, It’s an important part of the process to have a good environment to work in, this is a fundamental to creating work successfully.

I’m not expecting to just draw and paint all day every day though that would be nice, I intend to give up 20hrs a week to other activities which in tern will pay me my weekly income. This allows me the freedom to work on projects with no worries about financial implications. I have worked as an artist for over 24yrs now and understand what generates the highest most reliable amounts of money, through selecting the higher paid activities that aren’t reliant on art sales but relate to art it’s possible to achieve this. I have developed an art publishing business, workshop activities, teaching and public speaking about my experiences as an alternative supplementary income over my career. I have actual experience of what is possible even in the current financial climate which will be invaluable for this to work.

These activities are also why I thought of this facility, I want to share this experience and skills to allow others to develop there own art practice, which will also fund the space in which it takes place. I know from my own experience that there is a need in every community for such a place that’s why we’re seeing so many of them cropping up all over the UK. It also needs to be self funding and run as a business to free it from the worries of needing regular funding but at the same time open to that facility.

I’m an artist I love what I do and know how easy it is to loose sight of what its all about, by helping others to achieve there goals I will achieve mine".

Day one back on my site.

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